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Sewer Line Services

Superior Sewer Line Repair in Birmingham, AL

Offering traditional sewer line repair, excavation sewer line repair, full sewer line replacement, and more.

Sewer lines can back up at the worst times, causing major health and safety concerns and damaging your home and its belongings. Sometimes, sewer problems announce themselves in the form of sewage backup in your toilets or showers. In these cases, you need an emergency plumber to safeguard your home and family! Other times, the signs are more subtle: multiple slow drains, soft or lush patches in your yard, or sewer gas odors.

At Drain Werks, we pride ourselves on our ability to accurately diagnose your sewer issue and solve the problem for good. Whether your sewer line is clogged, corroded, or completely compromised, we have an affordable solution customized for your needs. From plumbing camera inspections to full sewer line replacement, our team has homeowners in the Birmingham area covered. Count on us to get your home back to safe, secure, and sanitary standards!

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The Process: What to Expect From Sewer Line Service

When you have a clogged sewer line, our first step is to unclog the drain. Then, we’ll send a sewer inspection camera down the line to see what and where the problem is. Once we understand the issue, we can repair or replace the pipe properly. Sewer lines can be repaired, but many times, the best way to solve a sewer issue is to dig up the old, damaged pipe and install a new one in its place. We can perform excavation or trenchless sewer line repairs and replacements, depending on your property, the condition of the line, and your budget. Call us today for an estimate!

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Why Birmingham Depends On Drain Werks

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We serve the Birmingham metro area with rapid, 24/7 emergency plumbing services 365 days a year. Whenever a plumbing disaster strikes, you can count on us.

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Our qualified technicians are true drain and sewer specialists, able to handle even the most complex commercial, industrial, or residential plumbing systems.

Leading-Edge Equipment

We continually invest in the tools and tech that are proven to deliver superior results for our customers and benefit the long-term health of their plumbing systems.

Doing What’s Right

Our family-operated plumbing company has served Birmingham’s communities for many years. We always act with a customer’s best interests at heart, just like we would for our own family.

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